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08:00 am Aqua Aerobics Aqua Aerobics Aqua Aerobics Aqua Aerobics Aqua Aerobics  
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Aqua Aerobics


Aqua Aerobics
05:30 pm            
Get in on the Bootcamp action for a great alternative to cross training, that burns more calories and gets faster results. Focused mainly on cardio and body weight exercises, this class is sure to leave you with a sweat! Suitable for all fitness Level.

Abs, Booty and Thighs (A.B.T)
ABT is a class designed to work your abs, booty and thighs for that ultimate shape and tone. Get ready to feel a burn like no other! Suitable for all fitness levels.

Never do the same workout twice. Circuit gets you up and moving through an assortment of interval training and free-weight exercises aimed at getting you the results you want, and fast. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Always expect something new in your boxing class, intense cardio with each class focusing on correct technique to build your endurance and power using body weight exerises. Looking for a class to help build your cardiovascular fitness, confidence levels, focus or to try something new, this class is for you!

This class is low intensity but still offers a great core workout, focusing on abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks, whilst aslo improving balance and flexability. 

Low Impact / Chair
This class is for those looking for a low impact workout but still fulfilling that sore muscle satisfaction. This class is perfect for all, specifically those of you whom are just starting out their fitness journey, returning from an injury or the older adult. 

Aqua Aerobics
Aqua aerobics is an exercise that everyone can enjoy. It is a great cardio workout without having to wait in line at the gym or end up with sore joints from pounding the pavement. You can work as hard (or easy) as you want to. Classes run for an hour and in that time you'll feel your mucles worked all over. It can increase your endurance, mucle ton, flexibility and strength. The classes are for all ages and ability. 45 min class.

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